Friday, 2 June 2017

IMG_0531.JPGMy Name Is Pulotu And I’m a Tongan boy. I go to Glen Taylor School and I’m 12 years old. I’m the second youngest in my family and we have 5 members in my family.
I enjoy having fun with my friends and making people laugh. I also enjoy participating in Rugby. Some challenges I have is sitting assessments and procedural writing. My goals for this year is getting higher marks for Maths and Reading.
I am looking forward to attending Camp at the year. Also looking forward to going to Rainbows End even though I have been there heaps of times. It would be awesome going with my year 8 friends. I also cannot wait for the Year 8 Graduation Dinner to make my final speech. The people who inspires me with my learning are Miss Tupou and Miss Siale.


  1. hehehe
    I love your work,I love how you express yourself like in rugby (roblox)

  2. Hi Pulotu

    I like the information that you have posted up on your blog and its very good for you and you could make new friends

  3. Sup pulotu.
    Your work is very nice i like it. I like the information you put on your post. We should be friends and hang out some time? xD Keep up the great work